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Unique spiritual experience with mobile app Feel The Energy

For personal growth and help with working on yourself, choose the unique Feel the Energy meditation app. This app will become a loyal companion in establishing an open and solid connection with yourself. We all carry a spark of the divine within us, this app will not only help you rediscover it, but will also help you confidently steer your life in the direction of peace, joy and happiness.

 The Feel the Energy app offers the ideal solution for releasing stress, anger and low emotions that lead you away from a peaceful, orderly and happy life as well as harmonious relationships.

 This app can be used by anyone regardless of their experience with meditating. It can be used as guidance when taking the first steps toward self awareness or as a go-to meditating app for intermediate and advanced users who have already discovered the beneficial effects of meditation.

Living in the past is a huge burden. The Feel the Energy app lets you step into the moment by increasing your awareness in the moment and teaching you acceptance of life events as they occur. It gives you the opportunity for rapid personal growth and personal development.

 Downloading the app free of charge allows you to enjoy one meditation session for free, read the Sun and the Moon horoscope and articles that offer an explanation of the way the spiritual world works and a magnificent insight into the development of humanity.

The available in-app purchases include a 7 or 31 10-minute meditation sessions and the purchase of the De Le Roi energy cosmetics, energy cards as well as other products. Daily intensive meditation sessions are available for only 50 cents a day as a part of the monthly subscription. The benefits of meditating daily are faster personal growth and a more focused work on yourself, but the decision on how fast you want the progress to occur always lies in your hands. 

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