Meditation classes take place every Tuesday at 19.00 and 20.00 pm at Local Community Stražišče, Škofjeloška 18, Kranj - Slovenia.

It takes approximately one hour and it is recommended to wear bright clothes.

Each week we have about 200 visitors attending the classes. In the beginning of each session Sandi divides all the participants into six different groups: Love, Wisdom, Joy, Light, Purity and a group for intensive cleaning. Each individual is taking part of the group where can easily takes everything that he or she needs the most.

Meditation classes run out in several stages: energy-intensive clearing; handing over our burdens, suppressed emotions and fears; receiving love and wisdom; building energy balance and harmony; removing energy blockages; purifying of spiritual guidance; opening of spiritual potentials and at the end we thank to God and to all who assist us in meditation.

Each meditation has a specific purpose and message.

All participants are given a term for two ten-minute meditation for upcoming week. Within these ten minutes we follow the same procedure as in meditation classes. The day after meditation is intended to programming and energizing the water and energy cleaning of the space where we live.

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